記得這些影片的場景嗎?我想最讓我回味的是我看到Paul McAdamRevolution,這個活動的主辦人是Sandy Albano


Sandy Albano曾跟Guyton Mundy學過舞,是Guyton鼓勵他教學,他有個外孫繼承衣鉢,已經開始走排舞這條專業路,所以我想這個活動應該會繼續延續下去,好像只有這個活動感覺到有接班人會綿延不斷,呵~~

2013年的The Experience的活動大致架構出爐,這個活動是一個五天的活動,從星期三晚上就開始舉行,每天都有個主題,我相信會讓參加的人永生難忘,我們先瞧瞧吧



Wednesday: Pre-Party Night:

Kick-off party at a local club with our Event Instructors who will be teaching new dances written for this party! All of our local Central Florida dance friends are invited to join us in the fun!

星期三晚上是四天Workshop的啟動舞會,所有這次活動有編新舞曲的編舞者(Craig Bennett, Debbie McLaughlin, Dan McInerney, Guyton Mundy, Ria Vos, Shaz Walton, Simon Ward and Joey Warren)都會出席這個活動(嗯~~Debbie不是懷孕了,他會出席嗎?)


Thursday: Color Theme Night:

Event Colors are Red, Gold and Black. Dress to match the theme on Opening Night! Enjoy color matching snacks provided at Midnight!



Friday: Flash This! Night:

Wear your brightest lights! …your flashiest bling! …your most dazzling sparkle!

Let the REAL YOU shine as we light up the night! Pizza provided at Midnight on Friday!



Saturday: At The Movies Theme Night:

You have almost the whole year to pick your table family and get your plans together. Decorate your table as your favorite Movie scene or set or anything else you can come up with that relates to the Movies! Costumes, make-up, music or choreography would be a plus!

Prizes will be awarded in several categories -- just like the Oscars! Winners will be determined by our panel of Celebrity judges! Sandwiches & Chips provided at Midnight! Light! Camera! Action!



Sunday: Sunday Post-Party Night:

The post-party "diehard" party after the event will be hosted by our Awesome DJ BIG DAVE at a local club/bowling alley. International Team Bowling Challenge!, Dancing, Music, Prizes, Games and Fun for everyone in a relaxed wind-down for the weekend.

最後星期天的活動由Big Dave主持,還會有個保齡球大賽,這個活動標榜的是有舞可以跳,有音樂可以聽,有獎可以拿,還有遊戲可以玩,是可以讓大家放鬆儘情玩樂的好活動

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